Our enrolment process will look slightly different this year as we have had to make some changes to adapt to the COVID-19 constraints. Due to the current social distancing restrictions we will not be running any enrolment tours until further notice.




Please follow the steps below for enrolment, click on the pictures to access documents and links:

Step 1.  Check to see if you live within our school zone:




Step 2. Complete the below Enrolment form, please click on the picture to download the form:




NOTE: The ‘PRIMARY’ Family is: “the family or parent the student mostly lives with”.

Additional and Alternative family forms are available from the school if required. These additional forms are designed to cater for varying family circumstances. Parents who reside at different addresses should also complete an Alternative Family form. Please click here for the Alternative Family Form.


Step 3.Complete the below Permission form, please click on the picture to download the form:



Step 4. Submit enrolment forms along with the below documents to the office (original documents must be sighted at school office):


Medicare Immunisation:                  Birth Certificate:                              Passport (born overseas):              Visa Documents:




Proof of address (utility bill, rates notice, rental agreement):




Step 5.

Please read the below document for important information in our Parent Information booklet about Wilandra Rise Primary School:





If you have any questions please email wilandra.rise.ps@education.vic.gov.au