The Spanish program at Wilandra Rise provides our students with an opportunity to learn an additional language. 



Bienvenidos to the Spanish program at Wilandra Rise Primary School!


Our community is made up of many cultural and language backgrounds, which we love to celebrate! Together, we learn to speak Spanish and immerse ourselves in Spanish culture.


From Foundation to Year 6, our children gain an understanding of the Spanish grammar and vocabulary, at the same time that they acquire the skill to start communicating in a language that has more than 450 million native speakers and is recognised as an official language in 20 different countries around the world.


Through games, practice and study, our students have fun while they learn Spanish. But also, they have the opportunity to communicate through real life conversations with students their same age in Spain thanks to our Sister School Agreement with C.E.I.P. Mirobriga. Once a year they also have the opportunity to experience the Spanish culture themselves during our Spanish Cultural Day.


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