***Important Internet Information from Mrs Clydesdale***

01 March 2019
Dear Parents,

I am writing to inform you that currently there is a very disturbing animated character that may pop up during young children’s online shows, YouTube and Apps.

This character is called Momo.

I am advising ALL parents whose children may watch YouTube to view e.g. Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and play games such as Fortnite to be extremely vigilant at this time.

This character is effectively brainwashing children to follow its instructions which are all violent and horrific.

This character can pop up as an advertisement at any time during a game or children’s show and instructs children not to tell their parents or it will come and kill their parents and family!

This character is extremely scary and to children very believable. Once seen, this character would most likely give children nightmares or at the very least disturbing thoughts.

I have seen this character and was completely shocked by its portrayal of evil intent.

Please ensure that you constantly watch what your children are viewing online at all times as this character has encouraged children to cut and hurt themselves and others. Most often, children are too scared not to follow its instructions for fear of the character coming to their houses and killing everyone in it.

This serious and extremely violent character manages to infiltrate the most innocent shows and games. Children who have been exposed to this image are displaying extreme anxiety, unable to sleep and most worrying is, they are actually following the instructions!

There have already been children admitted to hospital because they followed the very sick set of instructions and harmed themselves or others close to them. 

I cannot stress enough the importance of parental control over the online views ALL children watch as this character only pops into the show at irregular intervals, which would most likely be when you are not in direct line of sight. 

Please let us know if your child has experienced this character at all so that we can monitor the extent of the possible harm.

Please stress to your children that this is just a fictional character who is not real and therefore they should not do anything it says and to talk to you should it ever be seen on their devices.

It is very sad that this letter needed to be written at all and more so that someone could create a character that has this dreadful affect on children.

Please take care of your children until this character has been eliminated from our cyber space.

Tina Clydesdale